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The “voters only” claim in Evenwel should be rejected.  How could it possibly be unconstitutional for state and local governments to apportion representatives based on “the theory of the Constitution”?
Today is the day a key component of President Obama’s executive action on immigration was supposed to go into effect.  But that’s not happening. The President’s entire executive action remains halted due to the decision of one federal district court judge in Texas. That judge’s decision was wrong...
Sen. Toomey’s letter to the editor would have been more convincing had the Senator recounted efforts he has taken to get the Judiciary Committee moving on the Restrepo nomination. 
It is striking how much of the argument against marriage equality is rooted in hostility to the role of the federal courts in vindicating constitutional freedoms.  At the Supreme Court, defenders of discriminatory marriage laws contend that it should be up to the voters of a state whether to allow...