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Senator Tom Cotton (R), the junior Senator from Arkansas, is obstructing the proper functioning of the United States Court of Federal Claims (“CFC”), holding up consideration of President Obama’s nominees to fill five judicial vacancies on a court that is supposed to have 16 active judges. ...
When Chief Justice Roberts handed down the decision preserving a key provision of the Affordable Care Act this year in King v. Burwell, the comparisons to his decision three years earlier in the other Affordable Care Act case were inevitable. 
The past several days have seen much comment about how this Term of the U.S. Supreme Court has been a good one for the Left.  This is in key respects true, and, for our part, CAC played important roles in – or was at the center of – three of the biggest victories of the Term.
Despite some big losses (and despite its silence in King and Obergefell), the U.S. Chamber of Commerce had yet another solid Term at the Supreme Court.