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Roberts at Ten

John Roberts has begun his tenth year as Chief Justice of the United States.  In the years since he joined the Supreme Court, Chief Justice Roberts has had the opportunity to define himself as a Justice—through the votes he has cast, the decisions he has written, and the manner in which he has led the Supreme Court and the federal judiciary.  The first nine years of John Roberts’s tenure as Chief Justice have seen many significant cases, and from same-sex marriage to abortion to affirmative action, others loom on the horizon.  By looking at what the Chief Justice has done in the past, as well as what he does this Term, we hope to be able to offer some fresh insights into whether Chief Justice Roberts has lived up to the promises made by Judge John Roberts at his confirmation hearings.  

For this project, we will release a series of Snapshots exploring key questions and issues presented by his tenure and we will post and link to them below: