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The Chamber of Commerce and the Supreme Court

A Corporate Court?

Tracking the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Roberts Court


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Since 2010, Constitutional Accountability Center has been compiling and updating a database of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's litigation record before the U.S. Supreme Court. Our Chamber reports document a startling rise in the success of the Chamber before the Roberts Court. 


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2015 (See also: CAC's Roberts at 10 report)







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The U. S. Chamber of Commerce had another successful year. The court cut back on class actions, favored arbitration and made it harder to sue the makers of dangerous drugs and employers accused of workplace discrimination. 
'Anyone doubting that the most important story of the Roberts court is its business rulings has not been paying enough attention,' said Doug Kendall, president of the Constitutional Accountability Center.
The New York Times, Adam Liptak, June 27, 2013.
A familiar scenario at the Supreme Court on Monday resulted in a familiar result: liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg calling for Congress to reverse two employment rulings just issued by the court's conservative majority.
In both cases, the court voted 5 to 4 to make it harder for employees to challenge what they considered workplace harassment and retaliation for complaints of discrimination, violations of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act...Liberal groups were tough in their criticism...Tom Donnelly of the Constitutional Accountability Center pointed out that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce continued its winning ways at the court and has prevailed in 13 of the 16 issues before the court this term in which it was involved.
Washington PostRobert Barnes, June 24, 2013.


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