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The Constitution at a Crossroads

The Constitution at a Crossroads: The Ideological Battle Over the Meaning of the Constitution is an attempt to map and describe the ideological battlegrounds on the Roberts Court. Constitutional Accountability Center (CAC) is releasing Crossroads chapter-by-chapter.  Below, read the introduction and chapters of Crossroads released so far, and sign up to receive Crossroads updates by email here


The Constitution at a Crossroads: Introduction

Chapter 1: Will the Supreme Court Impose Strict Additional Limits on Congress’s Power to Tax and Spend for the General Welfare?

Chapter 2: Regulating Commerce: Will the Supreme Court Strike Down the Affordable Care Act’s Minimum Coverage Provision and other Economic Regulation?

Chapter 3: Enforcing Civil Rights: Will the Supreme Court Strike Down the Voting Rights Act and Other Landmark Civil Rights Legislation?

Chapter 4: The First Amendment, Political Speech and the Future of Campaign Finance Laws

Chapter 5: Brown v. Brown: Will the Supreme Court Interpret the Equal Protection Clause to Invalidate Measures Designed to Promote Equal Opportunity and Redress Our Nation's Long History of Racial Discrimination?

Chapter 6: Protecting Commercial Speech and Personal Privacy in the Internet Age: Is the Court Lochnerizing the First Amendment?

Chapter 7: Where Will the Second Amendment Revolution Lead?

Chapter 8: The Meaning of Equal: Does the Constitution Prohibit Discrimination on the Basis of Gender and Sexual Orientation?

Chapter 9: Will the Supreme Court Continue to Chip Away At, or Overrule, the Constitution's Protection of Reproductive Choice?

Chapter 10: Federalism and Immigration: Will the Court Choose Federal Uniformity or States' Rights in Immigration Law?

Download Crossroads - Introduction Through Chapter 10